5th Regiment Tennessee Infantry                     "E" Company              
  "We serve with a purpose, to Honor and Preserve"  
          The daguerreotype, of the 5th Tennessee, to the immediate right, was taken during the 1997 re-enactment, of the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee held, on the grounds, of  Rippavilla Plantation, Spring Hill, Tennessee.   
         The 5th Tennessee Roster, has changed since this daguerreotype was made, induced by members:  transferring to other units;  forming a new unit;  moving to another part of the country, and answering God's Muster Call.
          This daguerreotype although outdated, contains individuals who have, to quote: "cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees.," but who remain, in spirit, part of "E" Company  5th Regiment Tennessee Infantry.
          The page titled: "Daguerreotypes" displays additional daguerreotypes, of the 5th Tennessee with appropriate descriptions.
          The page titled: "In Memoriam" displays additional daguerreotypes, of our members, who have answered 'God's Muster Call,' and whom we respectfully and honourably maintain, on "E" Company rolls, as being on "Guard Duty - Heaven."
          The daguerreotype, of the 5th Tennessee, to the immediate right,  was taken just prior, to formation, of the Battalion, in preparation for the 2008 re-enactment, of  the Battle commonly referred to as "Pickett's Charge." This event was held, on a farm, located on Flat Rock Road, north of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.   During this Battle, the 5th Tennessee endeavored to honourably portray the 7th Tennessee, which participated, in the original Battle depicted,  some of whom penetrated the Union lines by crossing the rock wall.
         Only a portion, of the 5th Tennessee Roster, was present when this daguerroeotype was taken.  Those members not present, were represented, in spirit, by those present.  Those members present endeavored to humbly and respectfully represent, all members, of the 5th Tennessee, whether listed on the original or current rosters.
          As stated above, the page titled: "Daguerreotypes" and "In Memoriam" displays additional daguerreotypes, of the 5th Tennessee with appropriate descriptions.
5th Regiment Tennessee Infantry:
          20 April 1861 the nucleus, of the Regiment, mustered at Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.  Sworn in as State Infantry 20 May, with 860 men.  9 August accepted into Confederate service at Camp Brown, Union City, Obion County, Tennessee, with 967 men comprising 12 Companies.  Of these Companies, one was composed entirely of Kentuckians and another composed of men from Kentucky and Illinois.
          5th Regiment Tennessee Infantry, as a Regiment, or after consolidation with other Tennessee Units, served at: Columbus, Kentucky;  Shiloh, Tennessee;  Corinth, Mississippi; Tupelo, Mississippi; Perryville, Kentucky;  Murfreesboro, Tennessee;  Chickamauga, Georgia;  Missionary Ridge, Tennessee;  Dalton, Georgia; Resaca, Georgia;  Ellsbury Ridge, Georgia; Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia;  Peachtree Creek, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia;  Jonesborough, Georgia;  Lovejoy Station, Georgia;  Palmetto, Georgia;  Franklin, Tennessee;  Nashville, Tennessee;  Greensboro, North Carolina;  Bentonville, North Carolina, surrendering 26 April 1865.  Thence, they marched into History.
Who we are:
          We are a family oriented organization, providing activities for all members, of the family.  Our Unit comprises two related groups.  The first is the 5th Tennessee Club and the second is the 5th Regiment Tennessee Infantry, Company "E", CSA, Reactivated. 
          Our Club is democratic, in form.  Each full member has voting privileges and is requested and expected to take part, in all Club meetings.  Officers of the Club are elected annually, and all full members are qualified, to run for and hold office.  We encourage and desire, that members feel free, to make suggestions and recommendations, for the improvement, of both, of our groups.
          "E" Company endeavors, to present, an authentic portrayal, of the life and times, of the Confederate soldier.   We achieve this endeavor by participating, in regional and national re-enactments; living histories and presentations for schools; churches; civic and fraaternal organizations.  We perform, or participate, in period weddings; dedications; memorials and funerals.  In addition, we try, to educate, and inform the public, on relative aspects, of the War Between the States.
          We are non-political and although we portray Confederate soldiers, we do not undertake the revision, of History, but we readily question incorrect information, by stating the historical fact(s), standing ready, to substantiate our position and, to quote our source(s).    We also, on occasion, will don the uniform, of Union soldiers; most frequently, in order, to provide parity, of the forces, on the field.   If an individual, being honoured, by dedication; memorial, or other activity was a Union soldier, or the individual/organization requesting our participation desires and requests such, then respectfully, we dress as Union soldiers.
          Officers, commissioned and non-commissioned are elected each year during our annual organizational meeting.  Also, during this meeting, we plan our activities for the coming year.     Generally, we vote on the events, in which the Company will participate during the first six (6) months of the coming Campaign.  During one of the events, in May or June, we will hold a meeting where we vote, on the events, in which the Company will participate during the last six (6) monts of the coming Campaign.   We endeavor, to choose, those events that will bring the greatest variety, of experience, and afford a spread, of travel distance, throughout the Unit.
          With dedication, to planning the years Campaign, requests are received periodically for our participation, in some happening.  As these requests are generally received, on short notice, the word is passed, to the membership, by telegraph (e-mail) or shout (telephone).  Those members available, rally and perform the requested service.
          We strive at all events, to accurately portray 19th Century persons, attitudes, manners, accessories, dress and speech.   This is accomplished  through study, of the mid 1800's.   It is by this that we can honour our ancestors and forebearers.  We endeavor, to show their contributions, to the growth, of our Country and give honour and glory, to their memory.
          It is required that each member make every effort, to correctly present his or her first person portrayal, in a manner, that will bring respect, to the Re-enacting Community and Re-enactors, in general.
Want to join?
          Currently, our Roster includes members who reside in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Florida.  We Welcome all, to our group, and sincerely hope you will find the enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction, that comes from having a hobby that has the potential, to bring learning and pleasure, to many persons.  A word of Warning, it is possible that you will be the only reference some may have, to the Era we portray.  Be certain that the impression they receive is one that is correct and brings Honor to our Country.
          The 'Communication' button, located on the left border, of this page,  will present you with means, to contact us.  Please feel free, to inquire, and we will pay honest attention, to your inquiry, and truly endeavor, to comply, with your request.    
 ATTENTION:  We respectfully beseech your sufferance and perseverance, for our web-site is under construction.  We acknowledge there is much to do before achieving our goal, but being desirous of posting our web-site on line, ergo, we are proceeding with those pages approaching completion.  The COMMUNICATION page is being prepared, and until accomplished, you are respectfully requested, to direct your queries, using one of the following methods:
                         Telegraph       {e-mail}                  bob18south65@live.com            
                         Shout               {telephone}          270-298-3962
                         Post                  {mail}                      Post Office Box 373, Hartford, Kentucky  42347
Every effort shall be expended, in replying, to queries received. 
          Thank you for your interest and courtesies.
We are your humble and most obedient servants!
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